Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Boit is pictured with her son, Brodin Finn, at his first Clemson football game.The June 2013 edition of our VETS newsletter high-lights Jennifer M. Boit, Vice President for Recruiting and Corporate Security.

Jennifer first joined VETS in May 2005. Her initial consulting duties focused on recruiting and hiring the very first employees of the company, as well as creating and implementing the security system still in use today. In fact, the resumes of almost all VETS employees have crossed Jennifer’s hands at some point. Jennifer became a full time employee of VETS in 2010. Along the way she produced all current recruiting processes and procedures used today in hiring new employees.

Jennifer’s security duties include everything from obtaining facility clearances to supporting and upholding the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) standards. If you have a security clearance, Jennifer has helped you obtain or maintain it. Jennifer and Jim Moody first met in the 2000 timeframe while working at Preferred Systems Solutions in Fairfax, Virginia. It was while working together that Jim asked Jennifer to support an idea he had for a company he wanted to build to support government and civilian organizations in the information technology field. “It was Jim Moody’s core values, his intellectual integrity, and his leadership and business skills that told me VETS would be a great success”, notes Jennifer.“When Jim asked me to join his team it took about a nanosecond to say, yes!”

Jennifer graduated from Clemson University, in South Carolina in 1992, with a double major in International Marketing and French. In addition, she completed graduate level courses at Clemson and studied overseas at The University International, d’ete Versailles, in France. While in France, Jennifer perfected her language skills and gained first hand insights of international business and culture. After graduation from Clemson, Jennifer was hired by Basic Technology Corporation, in Newington, VA, where she worked for 18 months as a logistics analyst supporting the Navy and Military Sealift Command.


Picture of Ethel J. Anderson V.P. of Civilian Programs

A Closer look at the storied career of Ethel J. Anderson, VETS V.P. for DoD programs.

After 30 years of service with the Department of Defense (DoD), and additional years with industry IT Solutions companies, Mrs. Ethel Anderson, V.P. for DoD programs abides by several key business principles that are closely tied to those of VETS, Inc. Most valuable of these is an unflinching dedication to customer satisfaction or, more precisely, those VETS customers who strive to serve those who have served our nation. Mrs. Anderson, mother of four and wife of a retired Naval officer, began her career in transportation with the Navy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1973, while obtaining both her Associates Degree in Transportation and Traffic Management and Certification from the Advanced College of Traffic Management in Chicago, Illinois. After moving to the DC Metro area in 1977, she began her work at the Naval Air Facility at Andrews AFB, MD before accepting a position as a Transportation Industry Analyst with the Federal Maritime Commission in Washington, DC. Mrs. Anderson completed her undergraduate degree at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. During the 1980’s, Mrs. Anderson worked with the Military Traffic Management Command- later to become the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)- before military orders moved her and her family to San Diego, California, where she assumed the position of Traffic Manager at the Naval Air Station, North Island.

After rejoining the SDDC in the DC Metro area under new military orders, she resumed her role as a Transportation Subject Matter Expert (SME) in support of the Continental United States (CONUS) Freight Management System, Project Office. In 1992, Mrs. Anderson enjoyed a special, year-long assignment with the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic (HQDA, DCSLOG) at the Pentagon as a DoD logistics subject matter expert, where she worked on an effort to modernize Army Installation Transportation Offices. During this tenure, her highlights include accompanying U.S. military generals and senior executives by helicopter to other military installations. From this vantage point, Mrs. Anderson transitioned back to SDDC in the field of Information Management Technology, supporting system integration efforts as a SME on numerous initiatives under the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). During this time, she met now CEO and President of VETS, Inc., Mr. Jim Moody, during which time he supported SDDC as an IT contractor.

Among her various positions throughout the years, Mrs. Anderson recounts the principals of transportation and logistics for moving supplies and equipment, “From Factory to Fox hole as a cornerstone of her DoD and IT career; these efforts were instrumental in assuring that soldiers had everything that they needed to complete their mission. Having served as V.P. of Operations for Federal Programs and now V.P. for DoD Programs, Mrs. Anderson has had oversight of nearly 30 separate projects - in locations such as Austin, Texas, Oakland, California, Hines, Illinois, Boston, Mass, Tampa, Florida, St. Louis, Scott AFB, IL, Washington, D.C. Fredericksburg, Virginia and Frederick, Maryland.

Mrs. Anderson is reminded of the stake that she and all VETS employees have in the support, success and welfare of U.S. Veterans and others. “Much of the work that VETS does for its customers on the Federal Civilian side is in support of the Veterans” For instance, she references several VETS- supported programs that provide information and  assistance in several areas, which include entitlement, benefits and claims, to name a few .

Mrs. Anderson suggests that employees of VETS look at their efforts as a greater contribution to this nation’s Veterans and servicemen alike. “You are working with customers that support greatly needed programs; through VETS - through your support of a customer- you also provide a service to your country. ”“Even if you haven’t served in the military, you are indirectly serving your country. If you love what you do, you never really work a day in your life”. “We want to strive for forward progression- there is a pattern of growth and movement within the company. But we cannot forget that VETS employees are our most critical asset; in the words of Lao Tsu ‘To lead peoplewalk behind them’. I uphold this principal; I will continue to look to our employees, who will guide this company to the next level.”