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The Basics of IAM

Identity and access management (IAM) is important to any modern enterprise, as it ensures network, application, and database access to the right personnel at the right times.

Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions builds and maintains critical technologies needed to achieve top-tier identity access management protocols. We ensure that the right people at your organization have access to the right technology resources they need, as determined by regulatory security standards and your unique, industry-specific policies. The experienced cybersecurity personnel at VETS understand that identity and access management is becoming increasingly business-aligned, and provides agile solutions to guarantee key accessibility and support for your new business initiatives. Get in touch with the VETS team today to discover how we can enhance your identity and access management efforts.

Greater Control Capabilities

Utilizing next-gen identity and access management tools, Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions helps you maintain the integrity of your IT resources.

Our identity access management solutions are fully compliant with the most rigorous standards and regulations, such as those from NIST and DoD, and we are continuously upgrading our technical skills to ensure our clients maintain ongoing control over data access – both on-site and through remote access. With VETS at your side, your organization can more easily and effectively manage how users are identified and what roles they are assigned, the correct level of protection for data and information, and add, remove, or amend a user’s access to your data. Don’t overlook this critical security foundation – get in touch with VETS today to learn more about identity and access management for your enterprise.

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